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Shakopee Education Association is a union and professional association of over 600 teaching and learning professionals working together to bring a world-class education to the students in the Shakopee Public Schools (MN ISD 720 - http://www.shakopee.k12.mn.us/).

In 2009, the SEA  celebrated its 50th year as a member of the American Federation of Teachers and took that opportunity to articulate the values our organization espouses:

Professionalism | Fulfilling our responsibilities through thoughtful planning, effective practice, self-reflection, and hard work (This is the foundation for each of the other values)

Advocacy | Protecting our established rights and promoting our appropriate interests

Problem-Solving | Being proactive, keeping the big picture in mind

Unity | Promoting the welfare of the group while respecting sub-group and individual concerns, as well as working constructively with District Administration

Equality | Striving for fairness while allowing for flexibility across job assignments, buildings, and levels



Shakopee Public Schools is located in the city of Shakopee (pronounced shock-oh-pee). It was once a stand-alone town located about 23 miles southwest of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul) on the Minnesota river. However, today Shakopee has morphed into rapidly growing suburb with a population of about 40,000 as of the census of  2010, and the school district serves approxiamately 8000 students.The city of  Shakopee is known for... 

Entertainment services:

  • ValleyFair Amusement Park
  • Canterbury Park Racetrack and Card Casino
  • Renaissance Festival
  • Murphy's Landing Historical Park
  • etc.


  • Valley Green Industrial Park (2nd largest in the MN)
  • Rahr Malting
  • Target Distribution
  • FedEx
  • RR Donnelly
  • Seagate
  • Bayer
  • Amazon
  • Shutterfly
  • etc.

and Agriculture

  • Family farming

The members of the SEA are proud to serve this proud and historic community.